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Management Policy

At Gráficas Alzate Norte, SLU, aware of the commitment we undertake with our clients, we have established a Quality and Environmental Management System within our organization, based on the models specified by the UNE-EN-ISO9001:2015 and UNE-EN-ISO14001:2015 standards.

We seek a project based on people working as a team to make Gráficas Alzate Norte, SLU, a strong organization where we provide our clients with effective and efficient responses in the management of the printing services we offer, helping them consolidate their activities.
Our goal is based on a set of good practices to enable the personal development of the entire team that makes up the organization, ensuring the quality of printing products and respect for the environment, collaborating in its sustainability, preservation, and protection.

• Commitment: to fulfill and maintain the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
• Customer satisfaction is our guarantee of the future and therefore must be our top priority.
• Ensure that printing activities on paper or other derivatives thereof comply with all legal and regulatory requirements for product quality and the environment, as well as stakeholders.
• Achieve employee satisfaction and fulfillment so that human resources are the strength of the organization.
• Always strive for maximum professional competence. Seek effectiveness and efficiency.
• Allocate the necessary resources to achieve the quality levels agreed with customers.
• Train, involve, and motivate all personnel in achieving defined objectives and encourage their participation.
• Be open to communication and information. Acquire and share knowledge.
• Respect Clients, Collaborators, Colleagues, and the Social Environment.
• Adopt actions to prevent failures, ensuring that the result obtained is in accordance with what our customers requested.
• Planfully analyze the internal and external context in our Organization, as well as stakeholders.
• Accept responsibility by accepting the outcome of our actions.
• Manage risks arising from our activities, namely: Quality Management System, Continuity Plan.
• Uphold the environmental principles and commitments of our Organization appropriate to our context. Prevent and minimize environmental impacts resulting from our activities as much as possible. Provide products in ecological and quality areas. Analyze and apply environmentally efficient processes and products. Comply with environmental legislation applicable to our activities. Regularly monitor compliance with environmental policy, objectives, and functionality by Management. Inform, train, and raise awareness among all our employees, according to their job roles, about environmental aspects related to their work.
• Implement necessary and possible corrective actions.

The Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System, as conceived, is the responsibility of all employees, with Management and supervisors leading the effort, while employees contribute by adhering to all work guidelines provided and suggesting possible improvements to make their jobs more effective and safe.
• Establish and annually review quality and environmental objectives and goals.
• Conduct regular reviews and audits of the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System to ensure its adequacy and effectiveness and to establish continuous improvement programs for its development and management (performance).

Its dissemination and understanding are the basis for the motivation and integration of all current and new employees, who are instructed in our Integrated Management System.

For its effectiveness and continual suitability, this Quality and Environmental Policy is reviewed and, if necessary, updated during Management Reviews.

Signed: Alzate, Igor
Managing Director